What We Do



Sports Programs: Our sports programs promote the participation of children of all age groups and levels of experience. We emphasize Mindfulness, Exceptionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork and Sportsmanship. The purpose is to empower positive relationships with their peers through team sports and other activities that build trust. We will help provide participants services such as sports training, academics and application assistance for further education. Our plan is to partner with established programs and provide that additional support needed to stimulate growth in our youth.

Arts and Crafts Program:  There are an incredible variety of our arts and craft classes to be experienced. The majority of the classes require no previous experience, simply a desire to learn, socialize and have fun. Each session has its own instructors that provide expert guidance and direction in a given craft. Participants may be expected to provide some required materials. 

Social Media Arts: Our Social Media Arts program promotes youth involvement in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication, and social change. We will build self-esteem and critical thinking skills for youth typically neglected by policy makers and mass media. Using video production, computer art, and the Internet, young people will discuss issues in our communities, access advanced technology, and gain inclusion in our information-based society. 



Young adults sometimes need additional guidance, support or intervention. TeachThemYoungER Young Adult programs can help lead them to healthier behaviors and life choices by building their independence and connecting with others sharing similar experiences. It is all about building Empowered Relationships! The TTY Team works with young adults to help them build their confidence, connect with other young adults, critical thinking, leadership skills, resilience to expand their future opportunities and much more. Our programs that will be expanded on will be:

  • Automotive
  • Culinary Arts
  • Media Arts 
  • Job Readiness 

The programs regularly explore hot topics and looks for exciting things to participate in. We will focus on: 

  • Social Skills
  • Transition Skills 
  • Employment Skills 
  • Life Skills 



Responsible Parenting Program: We provide education for parents in areas of family life including: Financial Planning, Anger Management, Parenting Roles in the home, Work Ethic Training, and provide mentorship for other parents.  We are coaching the family leaders to be responsible and in doing this, families are strengthened and communities are stronger.We want to instill the growth mindset.   When individuals have a growth mindset, they take on challenges and learn from them, therefore increasing their abilities.  This will enable our parents to lead by example and nuture the mindset within our youth. 

Wellness Program: Our wellness program will comprise of educating at -risk families, and single parent households, on the benefits of healthy eating on a budget and family oriented exercise programs. We will work on helping youth understand and cope with family and relationships through group sessions and seminars. We will give tools that help families communicate better and learn ways to cope in stressful situations.   

TeachThemYoungER Basketball Skill Development Program


TeachThemYoungER and Suns Youth Sports Association have partnered to offer a mentoring/developmental basketball program to our local Middle Schools. Our commitment is to create communities where youth are encouraged to be engaged and allows them to adapt to and overcome adversities overall. Our partnership will allow children to be involved with an established basketball organization and gain the knowledge to further their basketball dreams through positive mentorship. We will prioritize teaching over competition in our developmental program. We would offer this training at no cost to participants. 

We promote the participation of students in various levels of athletic experience. We emphasize Mindfulness, Exceptionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork and Sportsmanship. We strive to not only improve our students athletically, but also assist the development of positive self-esteem and self-confidence on and off the court. Development of student-athletes’ relationship building skills and an advancement of their own growth mindset, will enable them to take on challenges and learn from them. We want to provide meaningful opportunities to help students process their dreams into reality of higher education

 Our goals for this program would be for players to:

  • Learn the elements relating to the basketball technique
  • Develop game intelligence.
  • Develop balance, mobility and speed.
  • Develop overall basketball coordination.

Our belief is that team atmosphere and mentorship are very powerful tools to provide to our young people. We would like to help them become excited about learning and develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

Can you assist?

 As a 501(c) (3) tax exempt corporation, TeachThemYoungER Inc. thrives based upon donations by individuals like you, corporations like yours, and foundations that have a heart for those in need.  Your financial contributions are needed for us to maintain and grow the services we offer. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  

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Family Fun Day was a SUCCESS!

Many thanks to all you participated


Our inaugural event Family Fun Day was a success at Koa Elementary! We want to thank our sponsors: Mindful Storage of Poinciana, Intense Ink, Poinciana Medical Center, Restaurant Depot and KQ93.7. We also want to thank Osceola Sheriff Department for coming out and entertaining our youth with K-9 demonstration, mounted police, motorcycle police and bringing a tank for the kids to explore. Special thanks to our DJ and Magician, Donald Carpenter from Music, Magic& Mayhem. Thank you to Mattress Firm of Poinciana for donating a pillow-top mattress set to raffle, and also thank TOHO, Pepsico/Gatorade, Restaurant Depot and Publix of Poinciana for donating items for our fundraiser BBQ.

It takes a village to raise a child and our Poinciana community is learning that together, we can Empower Relationships within our youth and help them become successful in all their endeavors.  

Future Programs For Our Youth


After School Care

Our after school option is innovative, quality and safe after-school recreation care for youth ages 6-12 years old and Community Empowering After-School Program for youth ages 13-18 years old. Under the supervision of caring staff @ TeachThemYoungER we will offer:

  • positive role models
  • physical literacy and activity
  • a safe environment
  • outdoor and creative play
  • health and wellness
  • homework headstart
  • fun 

Inclusion and Support: We welcome and include children and youth with special needs/disabilities to participate in the After-School Recreation Care program at a level of participation suitable to their ability and facility access.   

Young Adult Programs

Because some of the young adults we encounter are currently seeking or may begin a secondary education; we plan to work closely with educational institutions to help our program members to begin or resume their college careers.  And we have a secondary objective to assist young people get access to alternate careers... by introducing them to new and unique skills. 

A focus on learning to manage emotions and interact effectively with peers in a caring, yet challenging community, is the core of helping this age group form a strong identity. TeachThemYoungER is poised to lend the support necessary to our youth in these challenging environments. We are preparing to offer the following and more:

  • Automotive
  • Culinary Arts
  • Media Arts
  • Job Preparation/Readiness