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TeachThemYoungER, Inc is a 501(c)3 non profit organization comprised of motivated parents, former athletes and coaches. We were brought together to collaborate for the purpose of providing a broad array of human services and empower relationships within our communities.



 Our goal is to be one of the top nonprofit organizations by promoting positive changes for our future leaders and collaborating with our community, business and family leaders to TeachThemYoungER by empowering relationships within our communities.


Mission Statement

  Our mission is to improve the lives of our youth and parents; develop relationship skills and strengthen family bonds. We seek to assist the youth in becoming responsible members of the community. Our programs are a cooperative effort with parents, schools, the business community, and neighborhood residents.  

Partnership Announcement

Pleased to announce a exciting new business partnership Legacy Youth Sports of Florida and TeachThemYoungER, to collaborate for the purpose of providing a resource to help our young people strive for excellence and understand its importance. Our plan is to continue to assist student-athletes in developing relationship skills and a growth mindset, which will enable them to take on challenges and learn from them, therefore increasing their overall abilities on and off the court. We want to provide meaningful opportunities to help students develop their basketball aspirations and goals into reality. 

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Please visit their site - and support our partner in their efforts as well. 


TTY Athletic Fund

Our hope is to collect monetary donations as well as  the donation of used/excess sporting equipment.. Monetary donations can be done through PayPal below. 

These donations allow us to allocate funds saved by offering scholarships to pay registration fees for sports teams.  

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Damon “Coach D” Davis Memorial Scholarship

The Damon “Coach D” Davis Memorial Scholarship has been established by the Executive Board of TeachThemYoungER in honor of one of the organization’s founding members, Coach D, who tragically lost his life on March 9, 2019. The intention is to provide financial support to student-athletes who are training in the areas of athletics and are committed to the goal of improving academically and athletically. It is their hope that, through this scholarship, his memory will continue to live on and support student-athletes to continue their dream of participating in athletic competition at an institution of higher learning. Please  give to TTY Athletic Fund and support the Damon “Coach D” Davis Memorial Scholarship. 

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We are advocates. We are ambitious leaders. We are the TeachThemYoungER board members. 

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Our current and planned programs for our youth, their parents, and the families that are a part of our communities.
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We rely on your charitable donations and financial aid. Please help us to maintain and grow our programs and services.

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Volunteers are the heart of our organization! We simply couldn’t do everything we do without the help of our volunteers.
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As a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation, TeachThemYoungER Inc. thrives based upon donations by individuals like you, corporations like yours, and foundations that have a heart for those in need.

If you have a business or work at a company that would like to partner with us, please contact us using the BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP page.

The TeachThemYoungER team greatly appreciates and depends on the efforts of interns and volunteers in order to provide comprehensive services to our communities. Please stay engaged for announcements on opportunities by utilizing our GET INVOLVED page.  We will be looking to fill for volunteer positions for our events and interns to join the team.

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