What We Do


  We are always looking at ways to improve; it’s just what we do. Our latest improvement will have a direct positive impact on our community young people. We are delighted to announce narrowing of our overall vision, to provide positive support specifically to student-athletes to help them develop the leadership and relationship-building skills that will contribute to their overall success. 

Our goal for our program participants is to make the high school team and play meaningful minutes. Once in High School goals are to continue developing, play varsity and complete the package of Student-Athlete. All players will be expected attend school regularly and arrive to classes in a timely fashion. School attendance and school grades will be monitored. The finalization of our shared goal is to obtain a college scholarship for their next stages in life. 

Basketball will be our first offering but we are not limited to just basketball. We are fielding interests in tennis, soccer, futsal, lacrosse, and track and field.  


We are creating our own basketball program. TeachThemYoungER Basketball. I’ve learned, from partnering with a couple of good AAU basketball organizations over the past few years, some basics in grassroots basketball. Time limitations on practice times make skill development a secondary item, when it should be PRIORITY ONE. It is time for the next level now. Our athletic program provides an environment for the growth and success of our youth. 

TeachThemYoungER has our own path; it includes extensive basketball training, classroom accountability, community activism and preparation for the NEXT level. We are planning to offer ACT/SAT prep courses, in-house tutoring, home-school assistance, and virtual classroom support. Invitation-only training sessions with trainers will be offered.  

In 2020, witness  the creation of the TeachThemYoungER Volunteers Travel Teams (BOYS/GIRLS). We will give our players an opportunity to be involved with a low/no cost AAU Travel basketball team and gain the experience and exposure to further their basketball dreams. 


Social Media Arts: Our Social Media Arts program promotes youth involvement in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication, and social change. We will build self-esteem and critical thinking skills for youth typically neglected by policy makers and mass media. Using video production, computer art, and the Internet, young people will discuss issues in our communities, access advanced technology, and gain inclusion in our information-based society.  


Community Awareness: Our goal is to help create communities where homelessness, substance abuse, domestic abuse and dating abuse are things of the past. Where people and families can thrive in healthy relationships and live without isolation and fear. We know that it takes whole communities working together to accomplish these goals. That’s why, throughout the year and throughout our communities, we participate in activities designed to raise awareness about causes that are close to our hearts. Some are part of national or statewide campaigns, some are TeachThemYoungER organized, and some grow out of ideas suggested by creative, caring program participants who want to make a difference. 

TeachThemYoungER Basketball Skill Development After-school Program


TeachThemYoungER is actively working to create solutions for our community. We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing communities together to focus on the success of student-athletes. Our FREE after-school basketball development program here in Central Florida (Osceola, Polk, and Orange Counties), provides student-athletes positive support as well as develop leadership skills that will contribute to their overall success. We want to use sports as a vehicle for the positive development of students utilizing learned values like Mindfulness, Exceptionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship. These values help in developing student-athletes' relationship-building skills and advancement of their growth mindset, will enable them to take on challenges and learn from them.

We prioritize teaching over competition in our developmental program. It is open to both girls and boys, and offered one day a week to teach basketball to students of the hosting school. Additionally, we will focus efforts on encouraging girls' participation in this program. We want to focus on developing girls to participate in MS/HS athletics in Central Florida. Studies show that athletic participation has a favorable influence on girls' academic achievement, psychological well-being, and physical health.  

TeachThemYoungER Athletic Fund team scholarship recipients and their trip to Tennessee from July 2019. The Florida Suns 9th grade travel team earned an all-expense paid trip to participate in an AAU tournament in Gatlinburg, Tn. 

During the 5 day trip, they competed in a tournament and placed 3rd. The team was also treated to private college visits that included college tours and visits with athletic staff members. The team visited Carson–Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee as well as Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee. They met with Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Raul Placeres while at Maryville College. He has most of the boys “…on his radar now”. The experience allowed this team not only to play basketball, but to visit universities; experience a college tour; bond with activities outside of the gym and enjoy Tennessee.

Congratulations on receiving a TeachThemYoungER Athletic Fund scholarship! These scholarships are funded by generous donors who care about community youth and their future. Our TeachThemYoungER athletes assisted along the way to build the fund by attending fundraisers and events. They earned it!

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Can you assist?

 As a 501(c) (3) tax exempt corporation, TeachThemYoungER Inc. thrives based upon donations by individuals like you, corporations like yours, and foundations that have a heart for those in need.  Your financial contributions are needed for us to maintain and grow the services we offer. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  

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Family Fun Day was a SUCCESS!

Many thanks to all you participated


Our inaugural event Family Fun Day was a success at Koa Elementary! We want to thank our sponsors: Mindful Storage of Poinciana, Intense Ink, Poinciana Medical Center, Restaurant Depot and KQ93.7. We also want to thank Osceola Sheriff Department for coming out and entertaining our youth with K-9 demonstration, mounted police, motorcycle police and bringing a tank for the kids to explore. Special thanks to our DJ and Magician, Donald Carpenter from Music, Magic& Mayhem. Thank you to Mattress Firm of Poinciana for donating a pillow-top mattress set to raffle, and also thank TOHO, Pepsico/Gatorade, Restaurant Depot and Publix of Poinciana for donating items for our fundraiser BBQ.

It takes a village to raise a child and our Poinciana community is learning that together, we can Empower Relationships within our youth and help them become successful in all their endeavors.  

Future Programs For Our Youth


After School Care

Our after school option is innovative, quality and safe after-school recreation care for youth ages 6-12 years old and Community Empowering After-School Program for youth ages 13-18 years old. Under the supervision of caring staff @ TeachThemYoungER we will offer:

  • positive role models
  • physical literacy and activity
  • a safe environment
  • outdoor and creative play
  • health and wellness
  • homework headstart
  • fun 

Inclusion and Support: We welcome and include children and youth with special needs/disabilities to participate in the After-School Recreation Care program at a level of participation suitable to their ability and facility access.   

Young Adult Programs

Because some of the young adults we encounter are currently seeking or may begin a secondary education; we plan to work closely with educational institutions to help our program members to begin or resume their college careers.  And we have a secondary objective to assist young people get access to alternate careers... by introducing them to new and unique skills. 

A focus on learning to manage emotions and interact effectively with peers in a caring, yet challenging community, is the core of helping this age group form a strong identity. TeachThemYoungER is poised to lend the support necessary to our youth in these challenging environments. We are preparing to offer the following and more:

  • Automotive
  • Culinary Arts
  • Media Arts
  • Job Preparation/Readiness