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We recognize that your time is one of the most precious things you have to offer. We strive to make the best use of your every minute possible. Choose volunteering opportunities that may be greatest interest to you as they come available. We will discuss your desires and available time frames, when we match you to the program that best suits your interests and schedule.

We are looking for young people/recent HS graduates/college student who are interested in creating change in our communities.  See below for internship application.

Please feel free to contact our team at if there are any additional questions.    

Can you assist?

 As a 501(c) (3) tax exempt corporation, TeachThemYoungER Inc. thrives based upon donations by individuals like you, corporations like yours, and foundations that have a heart for those in need.  Your financial contributions are needed for us to maintain and grow the services we offer. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  

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Volunteer Opportunities

The TeachThemYoungER team greatly appreciates and depends on the efforts of volunteers in order to provide comprehensive services to our communities. Please stay engaged for announcements on opportunities to volunteer at events.  APPLY NOW  


How to Sign Up

Step 1: Submit a brief application 

Step 2: Participate in a pre-screen phone interview - to determine if this is the best fit 

Step 3: Attend TTYTeam Orientation and Training - 30 minute sessions are offered at different times to accommodate your schedule


Volunteering Support Positions

Back Office Support - Our Back Office positions are very fluid as we grow.  We will conduct majority of our business online via the internet.  This team needs to be computer savvy and work independently in most cases.  APPLY NOW   

Education/Training Support - Our education and training programs are at the heart of our efforts to build relationships. Our support team share in our vision and support of us with action.  APPLY NOW   

Mentorship -  Mentoring youth and helping to changing the world one child at a time is the goal. Each one BE one...and have a positive impact in a child's life. Become a Mentor! There are both on-site and remote opportunities. APPLY NOW  

SHOTS UP Shoot-A-Thon Fundraiser


TeachThemYoungER SHOTS UP Shoot-a-thon

All TeachThemYoungER athletes should participate in our current fundraiser, TTYBasketball Shoot-a-thon, on January 18th at Kissimmee Christian Church. All TeachThemYoungER athletes should participate in this event. Each player will collect sponsors and then attempt 100 foul shots. Sponsor by the shot or a flat rate. 

Example: I sponsor 10 cents per basket. My son/daughter makes 70 shots. I owe $7.00. Or I can just give a flat rate of any dollar amount no matter how many shots they make. 

Each participant will be given the goal of $2.50/shot made